30 dicembre 2007

tracklist >> 29/12/07 @ united club (to)

claro intelecto - dependent
mlz - m-brave
maurizio & tikiman - acting crazy
deepchord - vantage isle (dc1 mix)
klaxons - not over yet (skream remix)
kraftwerk - aerodynamik (hot chip remix)
gossip - listen up (punks jump up remix)
basement jaxx - red alert
elton john - are you ready for love? (freeform five reform)
âme - basic track
rhythm & sound - see mi version (basic reshape)
von südenfed - fladermaus can't get it
courtney tidwell - don't let stars keep us tangled up (ewan's objects in space remix)
digitalism - magnet
the whip - trash
loo and placido - teenage talk
new order - blue monday 88
calibre - hustlin'
high contrast - if we ever
mr l - back to your roots
dj shadow - six days (soulwax remix)
modeselektor feat. otto von schirach - hyper hyper
luke vibert - breakbeat metal music
jason forrest - spectacle to refute all judgments
assalti frontali - dall'altra parte
d1 - mind + soul


27 dicembre 2007

next >> 29/12/07 @ united club (to)

per smaltire al meglio le calorie di natale o per prepararsi degnamente alla vigilia del nuovo anno. vedete voi. l'importante è esserci, anche perché il signor tarick1 vale la pena e quelli dello united sono bravi ragazzi.

[the last wpa of the 2007, sabato 28 dicembre, united club, corso vigevano 33/u, torino]


22 dicembre 2007

tracklist >> 21/12/07 @ taurus (ciriè)

fugazi - turnover
m? - strange though it may seem
milemarker - n°6
gun club - fire of love
beep beep - i am the secretary
sonic youth - bull in the heather
mae shi - testify
make up - i want some
devo - satisfaction
les savy fav - hold on to your genre
red worms' farm - yeah, yeah everything
el guapo - ocean and sky
futureheads - hounds of love
violent femmes - gone daddy gone
polyrock - this song
soul coughing - is chicago is not chicago
killing joke - wardance
wool - kill the crow
liars - houseclouds
sonic youth - dirty boots
sand - airlock
salaryman - rather
darqwan - ghost not memory
mala - bury da bwoy
boxcutter - bad you do (halfstep)
carl craig - technologic (version)
apparat feat. raz ohara - holdon (modeselektor remix)
luke vibert - breakbeat metal music
von südenfed - fledermaus can't get it
junior boys - in the morning (hot chip remix)
simian mobile disco - it's the beat
röyksopp - what else is there?
phoenix - if i ever feel better, i'll go to the disco (said the buffalo bunch)
motel connection - grey
gossip - listen up (punks jump up remix)
photek - the lightening (digital remix)
el-b - big movement
horsepower production - gorgon sound
rhythm & sound – lightning storm (françois k. remix)
calibre feat. drs - hustlin'
ganja kru - global love
mr. l - back to your roots
dr. israel - sensimellia
shackleton - tin foil sky
tony allen - progress
antelope - wondering ghost
tussle - nightfood
battles - tonto+ (four tet remix)
modeselektor feat. otto von schirach - hyper hyper
simian mobile disco - sleep deprivation
dj shadow - six days (soulwax remix)
dan le sac feat. scroobius pip - thou shalt not kill
cassius vs. madonna - toop toop groove (loo and placido)
css - let's make love and listen to dfa (spank rock remix)
olive vs. radiohead - you're not idioteque
manitoba - jacknuggeted
lou reed - perfect day


17 dicembre 2007

next >> 21/12/07 @ taurus (ciriè)

e mentre anche a torino nevica, noi proviamo a tornare a battere le piste (da ballo). venerdì sera il quando, il taurus di ciriè il dove. ci saranno i live di lapsus, infection code e living corpse, prima e dopo (e magari durante, chi lo sa) ci sono i soliti quattro grinch che odiano il natale.

[make it a wpa xmas, venerdì 21 dicembre, taurus, via doria 20, ciriè]